"Sir- received my order yesterday (ball turning tool and tailstock die holder). I would like to commend you on the superb quality of your products- exceeded my expectations. I turned my first ball last night- turned out super. Let me know if you add more products ".

- Unsolicited letter from W.K. Stokes, Leesburg, FL. Used with permission.

"Down the aisle a couple of notches was Joe Osborn of OMW Metalcrafts. For ($80) he offers a radius cutter sized for the Sherline lathe but of the traditional, tried and true vertical style. Beautifully made, works perfectly, very complete instructions including how to grind the 3/16 rod it uses for the bit -a true joy of an accessory!!! He makes a bigger model too, and some other stuff including a tailstock die holder and a center finding wiggler like the one you have never gotten around to making for yourself. "

- Report from the 1999 North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES) convention posted on the Sherline mailing list by Tracy Atkinson. Used with permission.

"I purchased a wobbler last winter and go to use it for the first time this past week. I had to drill some small holes in aluminum plate and it worked like a charm! I am very happy with it. Thanks for a good product. "

- Recent customer email

"I was impressed with the material, machining and finish of the die holder I recently purchased. I was even more impressed with its performance, so much that I'm attaching an order for a Center Test Wobbler.

I'll probably be back to you in a few months to buy the small radius/ball turning tool. I'm building a brass model of a 24 pounder cannon, and the tool looks ideal for turning the ball on the breech end of the barrel. "

- Unsolicited letter from James O'Hara, Reston, VA. Used with permission.