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Quality Production CNC Machining

production machinging at omw corp

OMW’s Mori-Seiki Horizontal Machining Centers are designed for 24/7 operation. This machine features twin pallets, touch probe, 30HP 14,000 RPM spindle and 1000PSI through spindle coolant.

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• Production CNC milling and turning in all metals and plastics
• 25 to 5000+ parts
• 18+ Modern CNC Mills and Turning Centers
• Fast turnaround, reasonable pricing- internationally competitive
• Guaranteed Work
• Parts shipped to anywhere in the US or world
• ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR registered company, strong QA discipline
• Fast, free quotes on production jobs

OMW Corporation has years of experience in all aspects of production CNC machining. We routinely work with a large array of metals and engineering plastics, from brass, aluminum, and titanium, to stainless and hard tool steels, to acrylic and delrin. We specialize in 2 through 5 axis CNC milling and turning, including complex 3D surface machining. Very small parts, parts involving multiple setups or complex operations, difficult to fixture parts, or hard-to-machine materials are not a problem. And we can accept part files in nearly any CAD and solid model format, including but not limited to .DXF or .DWG (AutoCad), IGES, Parasolid, STEP, Solidwork (native part or drawing formats), Pro-Engineer, Inventor and many others.

Modern Equipment, Competitive Pricing

OMW Corporation's shop features the latest in modern Computer Controlled machine tools. Due to our extremely efficient use of space, labor and capital equipment, and our continuing investment in modern tooling and fixturing, OMW is internationally competive on price, quality and lead-time. OMW has customers in every part of the country, and many around the world. Our goal is superb service and 100% customer satisfaction.

Computer and Software Integration

In addition to modern computer controlled machine tools, OMW is a strong believer in investing in quality software. We use some of the finest CAD and CAM software available, and are licensed and trained users of the latest versions of both Solidworks and SurfCam (including Velocity (R)). We have expertise in other CAD systems as well, including AutoCad, Inventor and Pro Engineer. Simply email us your files in the format of your choice. OMW can program your parts quickly and cost-effectively, and have finished parts back on your loading dock in the shortest time possible.

production machinging at omw corp

A computer controlled 4th axis fixture enables this robotics part to be machined on 5 sides in a single setup. OMW excells at 2 through 5 axis machining, as well as complex 3D surface machining.

Strong QA Discipline

OMW is an ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR registered company, and we have a stong culture of quality, continuing improvement, and solving problems at the source. We have experience with a variety of QA and Quality systems, including but not limited to: ISO, Six Sigma, 5-S, Statistical process control (SPC) and others.

We'd love to discuss the production needs of your next project. We're readily accessible by phone, email, or fax. Call today to discuss your needs with OMW at 1-415-382-1-OMW (415-382-1669) or go to our RFQ/Quotes page.

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Quality Machined Prototypes- Quickly

prototyping at omw corp

A new prototype door handle is 3D CNC machined from a solid brass block for a major lock company. Note the work is "tabbed" in the block and will be cut away later in the band saw. Work was programmed in SurfCam by OMW Corporation.

OMW offers quality quick-turn machine shop prototypes in all metals and plastics.

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Prototyping FAQs

OMW's machine shop can produce quality metal or plastic prototypes in single to 25 unit quantity in nearly any material, and sizes up to 24x40" or larger. OMW combines short lead times with internationally competitive pricing. Whether your needs are aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or plastic, we can suggest the best approach to your prototyping need and provide a quick, cost-effective solution.

What is the turn around for a quote?

OMW will often provide quotes the same day, with a maximum time to quote of no more than 1-2 days for complex projects. If you need a faster quote, just call us at 1-415-382-1669. We’re here to help.

What file types are required for a quote?

We can accept a wide variety of CAD files, including native Solidworks, ProE, or Inventor files, as well as generic file types such as Parasolid, STEP or IGES. CNC machined prototypes can also be produced from 2D CAD files, such as .DWG or .DXF (AutoCad), or even paper drawings.

What is a typical turn-around for an order?

Machined orders are generally turned around in a few days to 1-2 weeks. If you need very fast turn-around, please contact us. We’ll try to work to your schedule.

Need help with prototype design? See our new educational web booklet, "Designing Cost Effective Machined Parts". It's free!

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