OMW Small Radius Tool

The OMW Small Radius/Ball Tool is designed to cut round shapes or curves in brass, aluminum, steel or plastic on your own small lathe. Balls in the ends of rods, shafts, or handles are easily turned with the tool. You can also make ball joints, governor weights, railing knobs, round contact points for tools, nose cones, and many other useful and decorative objects. The OMW Radius tool is sized for small lathes, although it can be used with any size of equipment. The tool will cut convex curves up to 7/8" in diameter. The tool is manufactured from the highest quality materials. Frames are machined from high strength aluminum alloy and anodized. The pivot pins are hardened and ground and rotate in custom bronze bearings. The tool is completely machined from solid metal stock, there are no stamped, cast or pressed parts. A pre-ground High Speed steel tool bit is included. Each tool is manufactured in the USA by OMW Corporation and is carefully inspected and checked before shipment. On most lathes, the Radius Tool will fit in standard tool holders. The tool is designed so that the center height is 1⁄4" from the bottom of the shank, so that on lathes like the Sherline or Taig, which use a standard 1⁄4" tool bit, little or no shimming is needed. On other lathes, the tool can be easily shimmed to center height.


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