OMW Tapping Block

Over 90% of broken taps are the result of the tap not starting straight in the hole,yet most people tapping by hand simply "eyeball" their tap into a hole then are amazed when the tap snaps in a valuable part! The OMW Tapping Block was inspired by a block used nearly every day by a master tool and die maker I had the pleasure of working with in my shop. He used his block whenever tapping a hole, and I never saw him break a tap! Simply hold the tapping block flat against your work, above the hole you've tap drilled. Place your tap through the appropriately sized guide hole and you are assured of perfect tap alignment when starting your thread. The OMW Tapping Block is manufactured of the highest quality hardened 4140 tool steel. It is beautifully designed, expertly knurled and chamfered for easy grip, with counterbored holes to allow for material chip clearance when tapping. The standard inch version fits all common taps from 0-80 thread to 3/8-16. Our new metric version handles taps from M1.6 to M12.


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